The client:

DelaFuentes is a small showroom that sells classic, quality shoes in special sizes. This business comes from the experience of its owner due to the shortage of shoes with large sizes for women in the traditional shops of her city. In response to this demand, she decides to create her own shop and thus satisfy thousands of women in the same situation. This is how DelaFuentes was born, a business whose sole objective is to prevent women with large foot sizes from having to say “I don’t have what to wear”.

The Challenge:

The client didn’t have a large budget for an extensive visual exploration and had the urgency to have their brand as soon as possible due to the opening of their business, so we decided to do an express brand development with the main focus on stationery and main pieces of the shop, such as shop bags, with three goals in our minds:
– We had to give the brand a simple, classic and elegant look.
– We had to pay special attention to the materials and finishes of each piece of stationery and packaging to be developed.
– Everything had to be finished in two weeks in order to reach the opening of the showroom with the printing production times.

The proposal:

It was enough to look at brands such as Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and Yves Saint Laurent to know that what we had to do was a typographical proposal. Clearly, we did not have their advertising budget or their photographers, but we could use the collective imagery that they had installed in people, in which the fact that a typographical brand, dark colors and seriff fonts are asociated to something related to fashion and elegancy.

Bodoni was clearly a wise choice for this then, and the black and white colors the best option, the rest was just a matter of work clean grid compositions with good white spaces, and materials with good grammage and textures that would make them stand out.

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