Branding - UI/UX


The Client:

Dubix is ​​a startup that provides an electronic invoicing and stock management system that allows you to manage your company in a simple and efficient way from any place and device. No matter where you are, your users will be able to view your company’s information and make decisions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The Challenge:

After 6 years of life, Dubix can say that a prudent time has passed to measure its results and set new goals: to strengthen its user loyalty system and constantly innovate through a permanent update of its platform. With this in mind, a visual change was necessary. Dubix had to adjust it’s image making it more scalable and targeting a more modern audience through a profile with a more digital and corporate feel, in order to reach potential new customers, all without generating a resounding change of image and lose the visual construction that they had achieved in their customers. They had to be renewed, but they had to remain the same.

The proposal:

Based on the company’s objectives, it was decided to maintain the morphological imprint that the previous isotype proposed, adjusting its color palette to more saturated and vibrant colors, working on a new shape of the letter D in order to give it a more digital and modern look and feel.

As a result of the logo construction, the geometric features on wich the brand was built were transfer to a basic rectangular grid where the structural subdivisions (made up of rectangles and circles) can be combined to achieve larger and more complex shapes. As a result, we can achieved different layouts that make direct reference to the main brand and enable a system opening with a scalability applicable to different supports and, at the same time, these layouts can be used as information containers.

Once the foundations of the Dubix visual system were defined, the website was redesigned, modifying its content, adapting it to the new identity, always putting the focus on making a more simple, commercial, intuitive and attractive website.

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