The Client:

MateCaps it’s a 100% ecofriendly hardware device that represents the ultimate  mate-tea drinking concept. It’s a healthy & natural energizer’s alternative for those working hard at universities, corporation offices, coworking buildings and even homes all over the world. Just insert a capsule, add hot water and voila!
This startup was born in February 2018 when a business opportunity for yerba mate was detected in Berlin, Germany. In this market there is a growing trend on consumers to buy natural products without artificial flavors or colors that has been putting increasing pressure on the energy drinks market. More and more people are seeking to conscientiously consume energy drinks of natural origin, leaving aside the classic energy drinks with artificial chemical aggregates.


The Challenge:

It was decided to transfer the experience of mate priming through a system by which Germans can consume mate without having the necessary elements or prior knowledge. After going through numerous models comes MateCaps, a 100% ecofriendly device that represents a new global concept for mate consumption.

The brand development for this strartup had to face a doble challenge:
– For a local public (Argentine), they had to communicate 2 things: MateCaps as a 100% ecofriendly device that represents a new concept for consumption of yerba mate & MateCaps as a practical, simple and portable system that does not require prior knowledge of preparation.
– For an international public: in addition to the points mentioned above a third one would be added: MateCaps as a natural alternative for all those who are working hard in universities, or corporate cinemas, coworkings and homes around the world.

The process:

The client did his homework, on his brief he had information about his con- Brand tagline: sumers, his markets, insithgs, creative concepts, ideas, values, even his tagline, so, with all this in hand, I could evaluate all this information, organize it, and dispose of it to be able to work on my brand proposals. As a result, a document that summarizes them is delivered. This document will be a fundamental guide trough all the creative process.

With a theoretical framework full of concepts and keywords, I started to work on several brand proposals through weekly iterations with the client in which we validate all the different paths that i suggest in order to advance on concrete steps and through the right decisions, always avoiding to go back in the process. For this project, several logos where made, but the client didn’t seem to find the rigth one, so a different instance of work was proposed, and for two days we had a 4 hours workshop where we work side by sideto find the proposal that better suits is needs.

The result:

After 2 days of intense work, we finally had it: a typographical proposal with enough personality to communicate the freshness of MateCaps while still being modern, and at the same time, beign able to use it in different pieces and supports without lose strength.

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