The Client:

Roselab is a design agency from Buenos Aires, Argentina. They offer innovative projects through design, development and business consultancy achieving quality digital products by combining this three parts into one process, treating clients as friends and taking their projects personal, so their product can achieve success in the easiest way.

The challenge:

The client came up with an elaborate and crazy idea (after all, they are designers) of how they wanted to look. Their idea was to develop a logo based on Cy Twombly’s “The Rose” paintings, wich they had fallen in love with on a trip to London, England. In the client’s mind, “The Rose” paint strokes could be decomposed into 3 independent strokes that together form a logo, but once they work separated, each one can exist as independent marks. Individually they are simple rare forms, but when the 3 are put together they form “The Rose”, representing the agency’s three services: design, development and consulting.

The process:

Being able to put together a logo with those characteristics based on Cy Twombly’s paintings was quite a challenge. First, because work on a brand that looks like a painting but has enough degree of simplicity to look like a logo was something really complex, second, because we had to be able to make a proposal where three different strokes can be used separately and look like independent brands, but at the same time, once they are united they formed the main brand. Following this premise, several brand proposals were made, but none of them fulfilled the second point. Although they were seen as proposals characterized by a more artistic profile, and which clearly had Cy Twombly’s roses as a reference, it was very difficult to get three brands to come off a main brand that exist on i’ts own.

The proposal:

In order to achieve this dinamic logo, a second proposal was presented. In this proposal, the brush strokes that gave that artistic profile were left aside and where replaced with straight lines and geometric figures, which in a general composition will form a rose that, when being defragmented in three parts, will give these three little roses “shields” that can be used as marks for each of the different agency departments.
This new proposal gave us a more technical profile (which even referred us a bit to the da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man) and allowed us to operate with greater scalability taking features from the main brand and taking them to larger compositions that work on images compositions or as information containers.

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