Symbiose Inc.

The client:

Symbiose Inc. it’s a San Francisco based company that crafts co-evolving artificial intelligence to improve humanity’s emotions, cognition, and behavior.
 Its objective is to seek personal improvement by developing innovative products that help people to feel better and be happier, pushing the limit of human-computer interaction through a transformative experience where people can enact the changes in themself and their life, through technology.

Their name comes from the meaning of the word symbiosis: a relationship that has a mutually beneficial between different people or groups.

The technology and artificial intelligence that Symbiose is developing are symbiotic with humans, that is, it’s incentives are aligned and it’s technology exists to serve, enhance, augment, and amplify humanity.

The challenge:

Symbiose has a flagship product: InWords, a mobile app that through verbal, spoken conversation with an empathetic intelligence named Remy, engages you in conversation by asking open-ended questions so you can talk through your thoughts and feelings. By answering reflective questions verbally, you can heal and reclaim power over your evolution.
The problem was that although this product was made by them, its users could not establish a direct relationship with the company for two reasons: the app had its own visual identity, and the company that developed it (Symbiose) did not have a visible face that allows those users to establish a relationship between the product and the company that develops it.
A branding job was more than necessary to make Symbiose Inc. known to the world.

The process:

For this project 3 stages were proposed: a 1st stage dedicated to doing a brand briefing, analysis, and definition, a 2nd stage dedicated to making a visual exploration, and a 3rd stage dedicated to the branding final results.

The first stage began with a brand questionnaire were questions related to the “what” the “why” and the “how” of the company were made. The answers to these questions gave us conceptual and ideological insights that allowed us to work on the different communicational aspects of the brand.
Once these insights were obtained, they were analyzed, studied, and organized to establish a communicational framework that serves as the basis for stage 2. As a result, essential aspects were obtained that are necessary for the communication of any company such as a Brand Message, a Brand Storytelling, a Brand Statement, their objectives, their values, personality, etc. This information would allow the visual exploration of stage 2 to have a clear path and a slightly more defined north.



With all these insights, we moved to stage 2: the visual ideation. First of all, and with the idea to advance on a specific visual path, a mood board was carried out where, together with the client, we shared the ideas and sensations that this visual map gave us, exchanging opinions, and exploring in a fast and simple way, all the possibilities for the brand identity in 5 categories: fonts, images / visual style, visual elements, color palette, and brand style.

Once we had this well-polished visual map, we proceeded to the 2nd part of stage 2: the design rounds. In them, we worked on different brand proposals, and the general visual aspects of the company according to what was established in the mood board. During 7 design rounds, which lasted approximately 2 months, the brand, the main visual elements, and the entire visual universe of Symbiose were defined. Several explorations were carried out, ranging from different logo proposals, font families, colors, gradients, to find the visual imprint of the company. Once we were able to define all these elements, we can move on to the final part of the project.

Finally, we were able to move to the 3rd stage, the branding final result. At this stage, we gather the final visual elements, we methodize them, and organize them to make Symbiose brand guidelines, essentially an instruction manual and rule book on how to communicate the brand. This manual lays out all the visual details, as well as important notes about the company’s voice, tone, and messaging.

The result:

After approximately 4 months we had everything ready for launch. A brand proposal that rescues the concept of symbiosis through two circles that together form this abstract figure that in addition to functioning by itself can adapt to the name of the company; a visual imprint with a clear abstract and technological profile that seeks to give a feeling of “artificial intelligence” through these entities and shapes of light; and a visual system generated from layers of graphic resources where the superposition of 5 elements: gradients, fonts, abstract figures, geometric lines, and photography allows the generation of different compositions that reinforce the technological / organic profile of the company.


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